by Edith Morgan on

Sprouted 4/8 seeds in 8 days! Very excited to see how these perform in our growing area.

by Murry Wheeler on

Seeds appeared to be in a good condition. They haven't sprouted yet but they can take up to a month. I'm waiting patiently. The other seeds I purchased have already started to sprout and I'm very pleased.

by Lin Yang on

Great all around.  I am sure our family will enjoy them. ( I mixed the seeds with plain carrot seeds. Didn't tell anyone what a surprise it will be.)

by Rach Thornton on

Shipped out quickly  

by Raquel Tavares on

Speedy shipping, they are in the ground. So now all I have to do is water and wait. Which the directions that came with it were a little clearer.  

by Raphael de Almeida on

Bought as gift. Recipient loves them!! Thank you for gift boxing!  

by Billie Bills on

As advertized, well packed for shipping, great variety 🙂 am very excited to be planting these!  

by Rosemarie Ignash on

I will be sowing them within the week and am excited to see them growing. I'm also absolutely thrilled with the free gifts. Great store and seller. I will be telling others to order from here!

by Anonymous on

I ordered two types of agave seeds, they sent me four and said two of them were a gift. I have been putting some on a wet paper towel in a plastic bag and they have been doing really well! The shipping took a couple weeks but it came from a different country so what can you do.

by Kiera Place on

Got these a few days ago. I made notes in my growing/germination book and I am starting to get the soil ready. As always this seller is THE BEST! I failed with most of the first couple of orders from him; my fault in not doing enough research and reading, but I am ready now. Sterilizing all of my soil and then going to try the bag method with these. Will report hopefully later with more positive news.

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